Laser rejuvenation COHERENT

    The absolute trend for autumn and winter season is laser rejuvenation using the famous Ultra Fine system of American corporate group COHERENT performed by BEAUTY PLAZA®.

    This intelligent laser has no alternatives as it uniquely combines the soft treatment of skin with absolute aesthetic result. The computer optic system CPG preliminarily tests each skin micron by 50 parameters and develops the accurate program for the correction of age-related changes and aesthetic defects projected on the patient’s skin. Due to the simulation of the native collagen production by 70% and shortening of gaps between collagen fibers the procedure performs skin lift, it gets young, strong and elastic. All small wrinkles and pigmentation spots are erased. Procedure duration 20 min and rehabilitation period is just 5-6 days. Inpatient care for 1 day, recovery period does not imply any restrictions for the usual way of life of the patients .

    Laser rejuvenation ULTRA FINE COHERENT by BEAUTY PLAZA ® is performed in the region of the face, neck, neckline and hands. This surgery can be performed either on its own or used as an addition to complex face surgeries, e.g. it is an integral part of transconjunctival blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids as it reduces the skin of the lower eyelids stretched by hernias, as a result the skin surrounds the eye pit smoothly. Very often the laser is used for the treatment of the skin of the upper eyelids during the endoscopic forehead or face lift.


    BEAUTY PLAZA®. Stay Young!