Mole Removal

     First, we perform the detailed examination and speak to our patient on the medical history of neoplasms. The data on size change, change of border sharpness, pigmentation or pigmentation spots on mole surface, permanent injury during hygienic procedures and growing number of moles after solarium are considered to be negative factors.


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The modern approach to the treatment of skin neoplasms, pigmented nevus, moles, papillomas, warts and keratomas requires a professional competence in the sphere of skin oncology and skin cosmetology and their skillful application.

    Beauty Plaza has great experience in traceless removal of moles and pigmentation spots of any size and type. After the diagnostics the specialist will propose the optimal removal method with mandatory histological monitoring. We make entries in the individual medical card containing nevus history that is stored in the clinic’s archive for the patient’s lifetime, perform the permanent preventive control of other neoplasms that is necessary in accordance with the protocol.

    It is necessary to know that radical treatment methods using radio waves and impulse laser technologies applied by Russian clinics for the aesthetical removal of neoplasms shall not be applied as they:

  • live visible cicatrices;
  • provide no possibility of histological control.

    In Beauty Plaza we apply a specific technology that allows us to perform the histomorphologic examination delicately and remove the mole by COHERENT apparatus with special program providing the traceless removal of the problem.

    The procedure takes 3-5 minutes, local anesthesia. Adhesion 6-7 days. For some time a pink spot is visible at the place of removal that disappears without any traces within 6-10 days.

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