Augmentation of Lips, Shaping of Cheekbones and Chin

     Lips, the same as eyes, are the first thing that draws our attention during communication. You can draw attention and make an impression just by some accent on lips. That’s why today so many people pay attention to the beauty of lips, their sexuality and attractiveness. However, it is very important to remember that the new shape of lips shall fit your appearance and highlight its natural beauty instead of making it terrible.

     Augmentation of lips is frequently performed using contour correction with the help of special hyaluronic acid preparations Restylane, Perlaine, Juvederm and Surgiderm.

     Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin that plays an important role in fluid maintenance thus obtaining two advantageous effects – deturgescence and filling effect (augmentation of lips). Moreover, hyaluronic acid has high degree of biocompatibility with human tissues thus providing safety and reliability.

     Using the advantages of contour correction we can solve the following tasks:

  • augmentation of lips
  • correction of their natural shape
  • modeling of lip contour
  • lip asymmetry correction
  • addition of sensuality and freshness to lips

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