Nose shape correction by injections

Is one procedure of nonsurgical nose correction enough?

One procedure is enough in case of nonsurgical rhinoplasty of a nose of European type


Can the nose crook be removed?

The procedure of nonsurgical rhinoplasty removes the nose crook with 100% effect and improves the nasal breathing


Can the nose tip be corrected?

Yes. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty harmonizes the nose shape on the whole and makes the nose tip thin, elegant and aristocratic


Can I get a thinner nose?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty reduces the width of nose dorslim with 100% effect


Can I make my nose shorter?

Of course. The procedure of nonsurgical rhinoplasty harmonizes the nose shape making it shorter.


What is the time during which the effect is preserved?

The preparation has no back reaction and the result is lifetime guaranteed


What are preparation’s side effects?

This procedure has no side effects


Are there any allergies to this preparation?

No allergies known. The preparation is completely hypoallergic.


What’s the name of the preparation?

The preparation is developed by our laboratory and is identified by letter-digital code


Who is the developer of the preparation?

The specialists of Youth Technology Laboratory of our clinic under command of our creative cosmetologist Nata Topchiashvili


What is the price of the procedure?

148 000 rubles, including compression splint


When will I see the effect?

The first effect will be visible the very moment you remove the splint and the final shaping of the nose will be visible within 3-6 weeks after the procedure. The achieved effect will remain for the rest of the life.


Internal lift SMAS®


What’s the duration of lift effect?

In case of two procedures the result remains for up to five years


Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is quite comfortable and absolutely painless


Are there any consequences?

No rehabilitation required after this procedure


Are there any contraindications?

Cardiac pacer can be a contraindication


What’s the age indicated for the lift?

The aesthetic correction procedure has no age restrictions. The indications for the procedure include the change of face oval and shape and wish to look younger


What is the duration of wrinkles removal effect?

In order to improve the effect and get rid of wrinkles it is recommended to apply the coherent lift


Will the skin quality improve?

No, you need the structural coherent lift® to improve the skin quality


Will I get a slim face with prominent cheekbones?

The procedure of lift is sometimes performed together with dispersing injections in the region of cheeks and chin that remove the excess subcutaneous fat tissue. In combination with the lift this procedure provides the strongest effect of face weight loss.


When will I see the effect?

The effect is visible right after the procedure. Moreover, the effect improves within three days. Thus, thanks to internal lift SMAS® you will look up to 10 years younger.


Structural coherent lift®


What’s the required frequency of the procedures?

In order to look young for an indefinite period of time and turn to plastic surgery only in the mature age you need only one type of hi-end intelligent coherent lift once in two years.


Will it remove the pigmentation spots?

Yes, the procedure completely removes the pigmentation


Can I get rid of spongy skin?

After the procedure aiming at skin restructuring and complete removal of skin defects no spongy skin will remain and the skin will become smooth and ivory


Will it remove acne cicatrices?

Yes, the skin will become smooth after the procedure and atrophic cicatrices and acne spots will be completely removed


Will it remove capillaries on my face?

US coherent laser is a reference laser for the complete removal of capillary network on face and body


Is it painful?

The procedure is painless


Can it remove small wrinkles?

Yes, it can. The procedure removes structured wrinkles and skin defects, including dark circles under eyes, with high aesthetic effect.


How many procedures are needed?

As a rule, one or two procedures are administered in accordance with indications


What’s the interval between the procedures?

The interval between the procedures of the structural coherent lift lies in the range between 14 days and one month


When the effect will be visible?

In five or seven days


Is rehabilitation required?

No rehabilitation required.


Question by competitors


What is internal lift SMAS®?

Dear competitors, internal lift SMAS® is an author’s technology of double vector lift performed systematically in two or three directions.

Total face lift, total neck lift top to bottom and bottom to top. During this procedure we have a double effect of face and neck lift, significant extension of neck lines and high quality perfect and long-term rejuvenating effect. This kind of lift is performed in the neckline region too. In special cases the procedure can be performed on the whole face and body – TOTAL FACE AND BODY LIFTING®




Breast correction. Bioimplantation.


1. I have breast asymmetry. Can it be corrected by bioimplants?

As a rule, small asymmetry is natural and normal. But in some cases the difference hits the eyes and breast augmentation surgery can even strengthen this visual effect. The problem can be easily corrected with the help of carefully selected implants of different volume.

If we deal with severe asymmetry when the difference reaches two or three breast sizes that the strategy is a bit different and specific for each separate case depending on individual anatomic peculiarities. No doubt that both breasts shall be subjected to correction: if we reduce the size of the bigger breast to the size of the smaller one than the smaller one shall be corrected to in order to get the similar look of nipples. Or vice versa if we augment the smaller breast to the size of the bigger one than we insert a small implant in the bigger breast too.


2. I plan to do breast augmentation. During the mammologist’s consultation I was surprised to know that I had a small cyst in my right breast. Can I undergo surgery with such diagnosis?

Yes, you can. It shall be noted that fibrocystic disease of breast is not among contraindications for breast surgeries, including implantation. After breast implantation using biological implants you can undergo any type of mammology examination thus providing the possibility of control after mammary gland health.

The cyst can be removed during the surgery through the same microapproach on nipple pigmentation border where we insert the implant. The removal is performed on the conditions of the mandatory histomorphologic research the results of which can be received by the patients in 2-3 weeks.


3. Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation with bioimplants.

Of course you can and you should. The modern technologies of breast implantation provide the possibility of breastfeeding without defects of mammary gland shape or its functions. I must say that in my practice very many patients after breast implantation who already had adult children got pregnant again after the surgery. The clear example is our patient whose ideal breast is on BEAUTY PLAZA advertisement. The girl married after the surgery, gave childbirth and breastfed the child. Time passed and we again asked her to participate in advertising campaign – her breast remained beautiful and she was proud to show it.


4. What is the best method of implantation – under the muscle or under the mammary gland?

In modern plastic surgery there are three method of implantation – under pectoralis major, under mammary gland and combined method when a surgeon places the upper part of the implant under pectoralis and the lower part – behind the mammary gland. World experience in plastic surgery and my personal experience as a plastic surgeon say that insertion of implants under pectoralis major is the best variant. This method in combination with bioimplants provides lifetime aesthetic effect.


5. Do I need to change bioimplants?

No, they don’t need to be changed as their composition fully corresponds to biochemical composition of human organism. That’s why they can remain in the body for the lifetime as, for example, artificial cardiac valves.


6. Can I avoid anchor-like cut during breast lift? I’m very afraid of scars.

Yes, of course! A plastic surgeon shall himself avoid any scars as they damage the self-esteem of women. For women of Russia I developed the technology of breast lift with circular incision around areola. This surgery combines the elements of converse and reduction mammoplasty. As a result we get high and beautiful drop-shaped breast without any cuts on it. This technology is advantageous in comparison to other methods.


Facioplasty (face lift)


Can I undergo the circular face lift at the age of 30?

Of course you can if you have indications. Recently many surgeries are performed in combination of endoscopic and incision technologies. The question on the necessity and volume of surgery depends on the initial conditions of face tissues and the age is not important. Endoscopic technologies allow not only preserve the natural individuality of a patient but harmonize the appearance and make his/her face beautiful. In this combination the surgery is performed under anesthesia and takes 1.5-2 hours. The recovery period takes 2-3 weeks and is related to wearing of compression garments and course of rehabilitation procedures specially developed for this type of surgery by BEAUTY PLAZA.


Good afternoon. I’ve heard about endoscopic forehead lift. I’m tired of botox injections. What’s the duration of recovery period as I need to turn back to work?

Endoscopic forehead lift is one of the most popular surgeries for the present day. Women started to understand and feel the harmfulness of botox injections. So endoscopic forehead lift is the alternative for such women that guarantees smooth forehead and open young eyes. The surgery takes 20 minutes and is performed through a 3 mm approach high in the scalp under intravenous anesthesia. Recovery period is 5 days. The new position of tissues is fixed by biomatrix, that’s why the surgery effect is preserved for the lifetime.


What is the difference between endotines and biomatrix?

Both endotines and biomatrix are the methods for the fixation of the new position of tissues. Endotines are degradable but it takes 6-9 to dissolve them. If a patient has thin tissues they can be visualized and palpated thus leading not only to physical discomfort but to moral frustration too. Biomatrix resembles biological glue by its structure that fixes the tissues reliably and for the lifetime. It cannot be palpated, it preserves the natural skin relief and, correspondingly, provides a more comfortable and reliable tool for an aesthetic surgeon.


What is the difference between endoscopic lift and thread lift?

Thread lift assumes the fixation of tissues by thread framework and it is a cheaper variant, however, it does not provide the long-term effect as there is only a surface fixation of tissues. Endoscopic lift is a lift of SMAS deep tissues the new position of which is fixed by biomatrix with lifetime effect.


Aleksandr, speak about your use of SMAS lift for face lift. When is it recommended?

SMAS lift is used in facial surgery in order to obtain long-term effect as facioplasty means first of all face oval and oval harmonization is a musculofascial framework. Face lift when performed correctly with the application of SMAS technology provides a lifetime effect.


Good afternoon. I’d like to highlight my cheekbones so what methods can I apply? I know about the method of cheekbone augmentation by hyaluronic acid but it shall be injected with certain periodicity. I’m afraid that it can cause the sagging of my cheeks or stretching of the skin if I fail to do it on a permanent basis. What methods exist and what is the price? Thank you for your response.

Good afternoon. There are several methods of shape and volume correction for cheekbones. The method described by you is just one of them and complications that you are afraid of, are possible only in case of injection of preparations in hyproderm thus speaking of surgeon’s low professionalism. During the creation of volume and shape of cheekbones we use the preparations of specific viscosity injected deep into dense tissues of a cheekbone. Moreover, the effect can remain for up to 2 years and its migration does not take place. The object for selection can be the application of special cheekbone implants fixed in accordance with special method during the insertion. However, the method of face weight loss in the region of cheeks shall be taken into account as it also highlights the shape of cheekbones and makes them more prominent. This method is applied in the cosmetology department of BEAUTY PLAZA. In any case the selection of method is performed during the consultation.




After the childbirth my belly shape change, I think this condition is called diastasis. When toughen the belly muscles I can insert my fingers between the muscles in the region of omphalos. So my belly became bulgy and roundish. Can I undergo endoscopic surgery in this case on combination with liposuction?

Thank you for an interesting question that is actual for many women, especially after the childbirth. Removal of diastasis, in particular in combination with exomphalos is one of our “house specialties” as in BEAUTY PLAZA we developed a method for fighting this unpleasant event through intraomphalos approach. The surgery leaves no visible traces and the obtained effect is preserved for the lifetime and does not prevent from pregnancy and childbirth in future. The surgery takes about 1 hour and is performed under intravenous or peridural anesthesia. The patient shall stay at clinic for 24 h. No doubt this surgery can and should be accompanied by liposuction in order to remove aesthetic defects.




I’m 21 and I’d like to lift my buttocks. Tell me, please, how many time shall pass until I can return to my usual lifestyle? Thank you

There are three methods of buttocks correction. The first one is almost nonsurgical, i.e. it consists of injections of Macrolane (Volumelift) for volume, shaping and lift of buttocks; manipulations are performed in outpatient conditions, rehabilitation period takes one day, 3-4 days the patient shall wear elastic garments. No traces on the injection site. The duration of effect for this method rarely exceeds 2 years. In future the procedure shall be repeated. The alternative to this method is the implantation of buttocks. This surgery is performed under spinal anesthesia through a 3 cm approach in the gluteal fold. This surgery has a lifetime effect; the patient can return to the usual lifestyle in 5-7 days. Wearing of compression garments for up to 2 weeks. At present the thread lift of buttocks is very popular. The surgery removes the sagging of buttocks and adds volume. The surgery is indicated to the patients with ptosis of different degrees if they are unwilling to insert implants in buttocks. Performed under local anesthesia through 2 cm incision in the gluteal fold; recovery period 5-7 days.


I’m 39 and I want to undergo breast and buttocks bioimplantation at your clinic, I also want to remove the sagging tissue on my knees and remove the traces of burn on my belly. Is it possible to do altogether? Thank you.

If there are no serious diseases than the simultaneous performance of such actions is possible for woman organism. Still, this question shall be solved individually. In any case, first of all the surgery on buttocks shall be performed (the patient lies on the belly, peridural anesthesia). We use special polymer implants for the implantation of buttocks. Then the patient turns on the back and we perform the surgery on the breast with full change of sterile linen and tools. Next we turn to the burn on the belly. That is the model pattern as we do such scope of surgery very often. We have a perfect anesthesiology service that allows us to do such surgery without any risk for the patient’s health. The after-surgery rehabilitation in inpatient conditions takes 2-3 days.




What is wet liposuction and what kinds of liposuction exist? Are the scars after the surgery visible? What procedures need to be performed after the surgery?

It is a technology that came to us from Germany. It is better to call it wet or vibration assisted liposuction as the destruction of fat tissue is performed in wet environment by thin blunt curettes 1.5-2.5 mm in diameter with the help of microvibrations. In order to create a special (wet) environment in hypoderma we use special Hamburg mixture consisting of adrenaline that prevents bleeding, lidocaine that anesthetizes and bicarbonate that makes fat tissue more pliant and normal saline as a solvent. Fat tissue is destructed to the conditions of emulsion and then transferred by suction device to a special tank without blood drops, that’s why this lipoaspiration method is considered to be the safest and preferable. Swelling is minimal, almost no bruises. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. There is also classic cannula assisted lipoaspiration that is more traumatic and causes large hematomas, laser lipoaspiration when the subcutaneous fat tissue is destructed by laser (this method is rather crude and sometimes causes skin burns; taking this into account we do not use it). The length of penetration depends on curette diameter and varies in the range of 2-5 mm and also depends on the rigidity of hypoderma: the penetration is performed in hidden asymmetric places in order to hide the traces of surgery. The post surgery rehabilitation in the form of massage of different types is recommended starting with day 4 or 5 after the surgery and performed during 10-12 days. Wearing of compression garments for 2-3 weeks. The effect of the surgery is quite persistent – when the patient gets weight again the fat in the operated regions will be accumulated after all other regions.


Aleksandr Sergeyevich, is it possible to remove excess fat in the region of knees in your clinic? I am satisfied with the shape of my legs but fat knees prevent me from wearing the clothes I want to wear. What’s the duration of the obtained effect? My weight is stable for many years – 52 kg. Thank you in advance.

This problem can be completely solved using microlipoaspiration technique (mini surgery for excess fat removal). The surgery can be performed in outpatient conditions under local anesthesia with the application of so-called wet technique. 100% efficacy and lifetime effect. As an alternative you can consider nonsurgical liposuction where excess fat is removed by special injectable agent developed by the laboratory of BEAUTY PLAZA. The method for the solution of your problem can be determined right after the consultation.


Do you apply so-called wet liposuction? Recently I’ve read about it as a sparing method. Moreover, I’m very worried with my shanks and with their size and one calf is bigger than the other one. All surgeons I consulted do not guarantee significant effect. You are my last hope. Thank you for your response.

We use different types of lipoaspiration, including the wet one where we apply the so-called Hamburg mixture – a composite solution consisting of epinephrine, marcoin, bicarbonate and solvent. This type of liposuction is less traumatic and the recovery period takes significantly less time after it. The liposuction method shall be selected depending on density and other properties of fat tissue, it is an individual aspect. The experiences surgeons always apply several methods of fat tissue destruction and combine them often during the surgery as the nature of fat tissue can be different on various parts of the body. What concerns calves than we can correct them only in one case – if their volume consists of fat tissue. Fat in this region (calves) lies deep so only clear understanding and compliance with the technique of this surgery (liposuction of calves) and surgeon’s competence and experience can help to get the required effect.




I’m an Asian of 41 years old. I want to perform blepharoplasty in order to open the upper eyelids and get the effect of European eye shape. What is the technique of this surgery?

The surgery on creation of European eye shape is very popular among our patients from Kazakhstan, Korea and Mongolia. The problem can be solved by incision plastic surgery of the upper eyelids using a special invisible suture technique or by endoscopic forehead lift, i.e. surgery without external incisions. The choice of technique depends on the structure of the upper eyelids.


I’m 34. I’d like to undergo blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids and laser skin rejuvenation of the lower eyelids. How long does the recovery period take? Is there any nonsurgical technology that will help to avoid incisions? Respectfully, Elena.

The removal of excess tissue on the upper eyelids with the help of incision plastic surgery is a cheap and widespread method for the solution of this problem. Laser rejuvenation of the lower eyelids is necessary only in case of excess skin on them and presence of the network of wrinkles. Recovery period after such surgeries – 2 weeks. The best nonsurgical alternative is the endoscopic forehead lift that is performed once in a life and has a lifetime effect related to perfectly smooth forehead, rising of the external corners of eyebrows and young and open eyes. The surgery is performed through 1 or 2 approaches (3-5 mm) high in the scalp. The surgery is performed under intravenous anesthesia and takes 20-30 minutes. Recovery period – just one week.


What is the difference between the plastic surgery of the lower eyelids and transconjunctival blepharoplasty?

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a modern endoscopic method for the removal of hernias in the region of the lower eyelids. I like this surgery as it saves the patient’s individuality and natural eye shape. Hernias are removed through a microapproach in the mucosa of a lower eyelid, simultaneously the laser skin rejuvenation of the lower eyelids using ULTRA FINE laser is performed. It erases the small network of wrinkles and reduces the skin stretched by hernias. The patient completely recovers within 5-6 days after the surgery. I perform incision blepharoplasty only in case of clear indications for this surgery, i.e. presence of excess skin on the lower eyelids.


Good afternoon, Aleksandr Sergeyevich. Half a year ago I performed transconjunctival blepharoplasty. As a result now I have big cavities under my eyes and sagging lower eyelids. My eyes look like wall eyes. What can you advice? Is it possible to level up the lower eyelids and fill the cavities under the eyes with something? Thank you!

Good evening. It’s a pity and a bad luck – I think that your surgeon removed excess cellular tissue and there are two ways to correct the situation. The best one, to my mind, is lipofilling, i.e. filing with a homogenate of your own fat tissue taken from other part of the body. And the second variant is less good but it is a simple one – the administration of gels to fill the defect (such surgery requires professional skill and pinpoint accuracy). Be careful when looking for a surgeon – you must be sure that such surgeon is experienced in such manipulation. You can come to us, too.




I’d like to know about the difference between the correction of sticking-out ears with the help of laser or scalpel. Thank you in advance.

In most cases the classical American technology with small cut on the back surface of auricle is applied. The surgery is performed under narcosis or local anesthesia and takes 30-40 minutes when performed by a qualified surgeon. Wearing of compression bandage for 2 weeks (in some cases up to 1 month). Swelling disappears within 10-14 days on average. No complications shall be present if the surgery has been performed by a competent surgeon (not taking into account bruises and swelling). In our clinic we also apply laser technique that is, of course, more modern and less invasive method. The choice of the surgery technique is performed during the consultation.