Removals of Scars and Cicatrices

    There are no two similar scars as they are individual as fingerprints. That’s why there is no single algorithm of physician’s actions in curing cicatrices.


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I am sure that hypertrophic cicatrices and keloids must not be ablated or polished as the aforementioned frequently causes the extension of cicatrices and, correspondingly, unsatisfactory aesthetic result. In order to avoid it I apply a special strategy. First of all we inject a special preparation inside the cicatrix – cicatrical tissue destruction factor – that stimulates the softening of the cicatrix. In 3-7 days when the preparation’s effect is maximal we perform the treatment using Coherent laser: a deep diode with computer optics system. When this method is applied no length, volume, age or density of such cicatrix matters as the method is always effective.
From Nata Topchiashvili interview to «Beauty and Health» magazine, March 2010

    Prior to the start of discussion on this method I’d like to list some aspects that are not recommended during scar treatment.

    No cryolysis! Scars become even wider and skin appearance worsens significantly.

    The other method to avoid in removal of cicatrices is soft X-ray treatment (Grenz ray therapy). As a result not only the very cicatrix but broad region of healthy skin surface is getting thin, mummified and pigmented. Where there was a white scar now there is a brown spot.

    Keloids (claw-like growths over the normal skin, often with dark red threads of vessels) must not be ablated whether by scalpel or laser as it will cause its expansion only.

    The treatment cannot be put away for later. The older methods of keloid removal could work only with formed keloids, however, with zero efficacy.

    Author’s method of Nata Topchiashvili consists of the combination of injections and laser therapy.

    With the help of special preparation injections developed by the scientific department of BEAUTY PLAZA the cicatrical tissue becomes soft and smooth. Laser treatment help to reduce the keloid width and even it with skin structure.

    In separate cases photopigmentation procedures can be recommended that restore the color of cicatrix and make it corresponding to the main skin color.

    Treatment of cicatrices is an outpatient and painless procedure. The interval between the procedures is 10-14 days on average.


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