Nata Topchiashvili
She makes everything the other way – the better way, many think.
Her highest intellect and competence are respected by those patients who were lucky. Still there are chances to be among them!
Among her patients are such celebrities as actresses Marina Zudina and Zhanna Epple, top model Karen Shonbachler, singer Anne Veske, Sergey Chelobanov, artist Nikas Safronov, Olympic champions Tatiana Navka and Svetlana Masterkova, world champion Iolanda Chen, members of State Duma, politicians and representatives of business elite. Diploma awarded specialist of American beauty school of New York. Mentioned in American encyclopedia WHO IS WHO, awarded with the highest European award – the Golden Arch of Europe for her competence and contribution in the development of aesthetic medicine.
Nata Topchiashvili
кандидат медицинских наук, креативный косметолог Beauty Plaza
Все, что делает Ната, кажется необычным,    впечатляющим, грандиозным
Светлана Мастеркова
Nata Topchiashvili

1983 – graduated from the first department of general medicine of Moscow Medical Institute named after I.M. Sechenov majoring in «Medical Care».

Since 1983 – after the receipt of diploma started her way up on the career ladder: after rigorous recruitment and selection process she was employed as a cosmetologist by the best aesthetic center of that time – Institute of Beauty in Novyi Arbat. Understanding that her further development as a doctor is impossible without a good theoretical basis she continued her parallel participation in the scientific activity and close following after the most prospective innovations of world cosmetology.

1998-2001 гг. – ус1998-2001 – improvement and work with the famous professors of Harvard in the best clinics of New York, Washington and Los Angeles (Robert.M.Adrian, Bruce F.Katz, George Duffrae, etc.) Вся биография

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