Fibroblasts – Youth Cells

     After many hesitations and doubts and having face the inevitable reality Roszdravnadzor made a decision comparable to effect of an exploded bomb – it approved the administration of native fibroblasts!

     After many hesitations and doubts and having face the inevitable reality Roszdravnadzor made a decision comparable to effect of an exploded bomb – it approved the administration of native fibroblasts!

     Fibroblasts are the only regulator in the skin responsible for the synthesis of young native collagen and elastin; they are somehow a framework of our skin. When a person gets older the quality and quantity of such youth proteins is decreasing and the situation is worsened by various factors, such as:

- chronic fatigue;
- lack of balance of sleep-wake routine;
- administration of crèmes with preservatives;
- aggressive cosmetic procedures;
- environmental factors (sun, wind, frost, sea water, etc.);
- smoking, bad habits, malnutrition, alcohol;
- “bad” genes;
- permanent stress, etc.

    What to do?

    It is necessary to restore the number of fibroblasts to the maximum characteristic of young cells only and without any damage to the quality of native skin cells.

     According to the data obtained by the Center of Cellular Technologies of Beauty Plaza, the most optimal method for the sampling of young blood cells is the delicate sampling behind one’s ear as the concentration of fibroblast is the highest in this region. Next we create the personal Bank of skin cells for every patient for further use and we can turn to cultivation of fibroblasts. Cultivation is performed in artificial conditions using high technology equipment under the strict control of cellular department of Beauty Plaza International. The whole process can be seen online by the patient.

     Why native fibroblasts?

     They have your own proteins absolutely compatible with any part of your tissues as they cause no counteractions from other protein compounds.

     Why at BEAUTY PLAZA?

     Because fibroblasts cannot be transported. They die during the transportation or improper storage and the procedure ceases to be actual and even become hazardous. And only the National Bank of Stem Cells of BEAUTY PLAZA has the necessary conditions for the sampling and storage of cells and their further efficient use. The Bank of native fibroblasts is a must have for every successful person. According to senior research assistant of the Laboratory of Cellular Technologies of BEAUTY PLAZA Ekaterina Kulneva, the effect is visible in 2.5 weeks after the procedure of fibroblasts injection, namely:

- improvement of skin elasticity;
- full removal of wrinkles and pinches;
- restoration of the young and natural even face color;
- restoration of skin turgor, color and pigmentation of skin;
- increase of quality and quantity of active collagen and elastin;
- activation of native cells of derma;
- improvement of the synthesis of new structural proteins of skin, such as procollagen;
- creation of skin “framework:, etc.

In order to change the skin structure we use three types of fibroblasts:

     1. native – for the patients of young and active age;

     2. allogenic – for the patients of middle and mature ages;

     3. placental fibroblasts that can be added (upon the patient’s approval) to the individual treatment complex in order to provide the “peach” appearance of the skin.

     These “youth proteins” can be used in various regions, for example, face, hands, neck, neckline, belly and buttocks. It shall be noted that in fighting stretch marks there is nothing of the same efficacy as fibroblasts – namely placental cells remove the reason of stretch marks – hormonal disorder.

     Technology for isolation and administration of fibroblasts:

     In order to create a cell Bank we take a small skin sample that is immediately transferred to the laboratory. There, in sterile conditions, we perform mechanical and enzyme treatment of the tissue sample thus receiving cell suspension. This suspension is used for the isolation of fibroblasts by centrifugal separation and special filter. The suspension of fibroblasts is places into special cultivation vials where they are cultivated in special incubation conditions (37°С, 5% СО2). The cells are attached to the surface and start mitosis, so their number increases by hundreds of times. After the receipt of the necessary number of cells we performed the cell procedure and the part of cells can be frozen and preserved in the Bank for their future administration.

     The cell procedure is performed in inpatient conditions and outpatient conditions. By the moment of transplantation the personnel of the laboratory grows the necessary number of fibroblasts. The prepared cell suspension is transferred to the specialists in cell transplantation. Using mesotherapeutic method we inject the cells right in the derma of problematic skin area. In one hour after the procedure the patient can return to his/her usual way of life. It is not recommended to administer antibiotics or other potent antibacterial agents, consume alcohol, visit sauna or solarium and sunbathing for one week after the procedure of cell transplantation.

     For the procedures of isolation and transplantation of cells we use the modern high technology equipment of the leading world manufacturers. Our laboratories conform to GMP standard.

     Fibroblasts standard of BEAUTY PLAZA is:

     ● laboratory conforming to GMP with high technology where all manipulation with patient’s biological material are performed

     ● multiprofile highly competent specialists who guarantee the highest level and competent approach to the services rendered to the patient: from the sampling of biological material to performance of the procedure and storage of patient’s cells

     ● full certification of the native cell line (fibroblasts) of a patient, including their description in accordance with morphohistologic signs, ability to produce proteins of territorial matrix (elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid), testing for infectious agents, toxicity, cancerogenicity, etc.

     ● the unique “National Bank of Stem Cells” – the largest in Russia with respect to the quality and quantity of the stored biological materials. We store 30 mln of the patient’s native fibroblasts as this quantity and high quality of frozen fibroblasts selected with the purpose of storage will allow the patients to store them for the whole life and use when necessary

     ● full certification of patient’s health after the sampling of biological material

     ● optimal quantity of used fibroblasts per region providing maximal effect calculated in each separate case based on the results of patient’s health certification

     ● stabile high result confirmed by clinical trials! Full regeneration of collagen framework and restoration of protein structure of collagen in the regions where the procedure is performed. The transplanted fibroblasts actively produce the components of territorial matrix for a long time, thus increasing the number of collagen fibers and thickness of derma, improving functional blood microcirculation, reducing the quantity and depth of wrinkles.

     According to the results of clinical trials of three groups each consisting of 200 patients performed in 2012 we obtained the following results:

     Group of women with different degrees of age-related changes:

     93% of women – significant visual effect of face, neck and neckline rejuvenation

     7% of women – visible effect of face, neck and neckline rejuvenation

     Group of women with different degrees of stretch marks on body:

     86% of women – visible effect of full removal of skin looseness and stretch marks on body

     14% of women – visible effect of full removal of skin looseness and significant reduction of stretch marks on body

    The results of multiples researches * performed by our laboratory were many times declared and presented at international conferences and symposiums. Our innovational development – serum based on native skin cells for home use – shows miracles prolonging your youth. We are absolutely sure that fibroblasts are the most efficient and prospective tool to fight all aesthetic skin defects from age-related changes to structural damage!»

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    Истории пациентов, прошедших процедуру клеточного омоложения фибробластами:


    «У меня очень напряженный график: пятеро детей, лекции в институте, постоянные симпозиумы, и, связанные с ними многочасовые перелеты. Если бы не фибробласты, то, вероятнее всего, мое лицо мумифицировалось бы. Уже несколько лет подряд я обкалываю ими зону лица, шеи, декольте, пользуясь собственным клеточным банком фибробластов, который «открыт» у меня в BEAUTY PLAZA. Это очень удобно, быстро и максимально эффективно: клетки в банк я сдала шесть лет назад, и теперь каждый год, как только в моем графике появляется окно, я звоню на private line BEAUTY PLAZA, и назначаю дату. Как правило, на подготовку процедуры уходит от двух до трех недель, а сам процесс занимает 40 минут. Первые два дня сохраняются небольшие следы от уколов, зато уже через две недели моя кожа начинает просто светиться, а ее ровный цвет – предмет зависти старшей дочери!»


    «В BEAUTY PLAZA у меня создан собственный клеточный банк, где в числе остальных клеток хранятся мои фибробласты, которыми я уже четвертый год подряд обкалываю кожу лица и шеи. Эффект потрясающий! Учитывая, что у меня нет времени ходить и делать какие-либо другие косметологические процедуры, мой внешний вид может дать фору любому молодцу. Так думаю не только я, но и все с кем я общаюсь- деловые партнеры по бизнесу, друзья, знакомые. Для меня, как обывателя, этот результат является чудом, ведь я всего лишь следую совету профессора Тепляшина, который сказал мне: «Сергей, если хочешь сохранить эффект от операции на года, тебе надо позаботиться не только об эстетической, но и биологической молодости твоих тканей».
 * Стоимость процедуры смотрите в разделе "Beauty plaza" цены"