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Клиника Beauty PlazaАвторская косметологияТопчиашвили Н.З.Биография
Nata Topchiashvili, Candidate of Medical Sciences

1997 – the result of her fundamental theoretical research was the defense of the master’s thesis on topic: “New wound covering with antibacterial multienzyme activity in the treatment of septic wounds” and the degree of the Candidate of Medical Sciences, correspondingly.

1998-2001 – improvement and work with the famous professors of Harvard in the best clinics of New York, Washington and Los Angeles (Robert.M.Adrian, Bruce F.Katz, George Duffrae, etc.)

2000 – developed and put into practice the method of nonsurgical nose length and shape correction. From that moment and up to the present day we performed more than 1500 these procedures. The results were striking for the American colleagues and the patients themselves.

2002 – together with American corporate group COHERENT she developed the author’s method of structural coherent lift®

2003 г. – initiator of rebranding of Hyperbaric Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Clinic into international clinic Beauty Plaza International.

2004 – awarded with international premium the Golden Arch of Europe for her high competence and contribution to the development of aesthetic medicine.

2005 – her name was included in American encyclopedia Who is who.

2007 – together with Cell Stem Institute she developed the program of biological skin rejuvenation, improvement of own young collagen and elastin synthesis PROCOLLAGEN™.

2010 – continues her scientific research combining it with medical practice. From the start of her work and to present day Nata Topchiashvili performed more than 4000 procedures of nonsurgical face lift, nose length and shape correction, her portfolio impresses with its immensity and high professionalism of the performed work.