Intimate problems are the most secret; it is hard to speak of them loud. These small defects reflect on the woman’s life, lead to low self-esteem, uncertainty in herself, development of complexes and loneliness.

    Time passed an intimate aesthetics ceased to be a taboo and offers a broad spectrum of services on injection and surgical correction of vulvar lips, removal of discomfort during sex and up to constriction of vagina and rejuvenation programs.

Very often the services of intimate plastic surgery are required by parous women above 35 years. However, this category of women grows younger with the course of time…


Labioplasty is a surgery for the correction of the shape and size of vulvar lips. These changes of genitals can be caused by sexual relationship, be inborn or appear in the process of ageing.

Right after the surgery:

  • No discomfort when wearing tight-fitting trousers or shorts; it is possible to wear more revealing linen;
  • Intimate hygiene becomes an easier process;
  • Woman’s genitals looks more aesthetic;
  • No discomfort during sexual relationship;
  • Sexual feelings become stronger

Women can turn back to their sexual life in 12-14 days after the surgery.

Intimate plastic surgery of vagina can extend a narrow vagina or narrow down a broad vagina thus bringing the genitals of partners into full compliance and providing wonderful sensations. Especially this intimate plastic surgery is popular after the childbirth.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation can reduce the volume and narrow the entrance to the vagina thus reducing the tone and skin quality in this intimate area. Moreover, this procedure increases the humidity of this area and that is very important for those women who entered the period of climax. At the cost of laser delicate effect the microcirculation increases thus improving the erotogenic sensitivity of the whole region. Modern laser equipment and anesthesia methods make this procedure fast, safe and pain-free.

The most significant aesthetic effect and new depth of feelings is provided by the combination of these procedures with lipofilling of vulvar lips that returns the volume, attractiveness and sensual elasticity. The former attractiveness of vulvar lips can be returned by special fillers.

Russia is among five world leaders in active application of cosmetic techonologies of sexual rejuvenation.