In my childhood my ears were sticking out so much that girls did not notice me. To become a present day handsome man I had to work on myself a lot and, first of all, undego otoplasty.
Frédéric Beigbeder, writer

    Sticking out ears are caused by insignificant bend of antihelix cartilages. Very often this bend is different on both sides. During the plastic surgery the incision on the back surface of auricle is performed and cartilage obtains the required form.

    Separate sutures fix the cartilage. The suture on the skin of the back of the cartilage is removed after some days. The methodology of this surgery is tried and tested, so the relapses are very frequent.

     Wearing of night elastic bandage for 3-4 weeks after surgery to protect ears from accidental injuries.


* Стоимость операции отопластики смотрите в разделе "Beauty Plaza цены"