Classic plastic surgery of face and neck

     Plastic surgery of neck and face (cheek and neck plastic surgery) is recommended for the patients with the expressed age-related changes in the region of the lower part of the face and neck. Very often this surgery is performed through endaural approach that helps to make invisible the traces of surgery. The plastic surgery of face and neck creates the clear line of the face oval, removes the nasolabial folds, provides the neck lift with harmonic transition in the region of the external corners of the lower jaw.


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    Using of the technology of layer-by-layer reposition of tissues with the strengthening of the tension vector in the central part of the face helps to achieve the absolute aesthetic result, prolong it for many years and decelerate the process of natural ageing.

    Face and neck plastic surgery is performed under intravenous anesthesia in inpatient department conditions. Its duration can vary depending on individual peculiarities of the patient’s tissues from 40 min to 1.5 h. Thanks to the complex of rehabilitation procedures the recovery period takes only 9-14 days.


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