Harmonic silhouette

     Beauty Plaza performs more than 15 types of liposuction existing for the present moment. The method choice depends on the structure of the patient’s subcutaneous fat tissue.

     Surface liposuction completely changes the body shape creating harmonic lines – it makes plain buttocks roundish, changes hip bend, corrects lower leg flexion and removes the effect of loose skin.


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I do not call you to make the miraculous changes in your body and life with the help of aesthetic surgery. However, it is a good variant in some cases. When you’re a mother of three you’ll pay attention to the plastic surgery achievements this way or other…
Demi Moor

Vibration assisted liposuction — is an innovational method. The software module of the equipment used for it allows the setting of the necessary correction parameters with high degree of prognostication. The calibration of the vibrations of specific length and frequency can destroy the connective tissue commissures and completely remove cellulites and all its signs.

Vertical lipoaspiration is crucial in the cases when a patient undergoes lipoaspiration with the purpose of insignificant correction of the natural image. A special surgical table takes vertical position at a certain moment thus securing the absolutely symmetrical result and reducing edemas after the surgery.

Syringe assisted liposuction is the most attenuated type of liposuction with very short recovery period. During the surgery a special mixture is injected that not only anesthetizes but creates a strong protective barrier that prevents from tissue damage during the surgery. That’s why bruises and edemas are not characteristic of this type of lypoaspiration. This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia.

Radiofrequency nonsurgical liposuction

The results demonstrated by modern nonsurgical appearance correction methods are a serious challenge for the plastic surgery. The clear example of this is the technology of radiofrequency lift already used in cosmetology that formed the basis for a new type of liposuction – radiofrequency liposuction. Radio frequency aspiration liposaction system is provided with 2 attachments – external (main) and internal. The first one uses the radio waves of different penetration distance, gradually heating the tissues up to the necessary temperature thus dissolving the fat tissue. Simultaneously the radio waves with less penetration distance effect on the skin matrix and provide lift effect. If to speak of figures, during the surgery under local anesthesia the skin is lifted by 15-20%. During first 2 weeks this percentage grows to 60! But where the fat tissue goes? Its excess is aspirated with the help of thin internal attachment that is inserted under a peculiar angle with respect to the main attachment. And this is not the end of weight loss progress! The remaining fat tissue reduces in size for additional 2 weeks creating the absolute tandem with skin.

The advantages of this technology are unquestionable:

  • minimal invasiveness;
  • no narcosis required;
  • no rehabilitation;
  • technology guarantees an effect of immediate lift and smooth body silhouette.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the correct rehabilitation after such surgeries. About 30% of the aesthetic result depends on the patient’s compliance with the recovery period.

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