Slim Shanks
The main thing in woman’s beauty is self-confidence. If the plastic surgery helps you to get rid of complexes and makes you believe in yourself than you should apply it!
Monica Bellucci BEAUTY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL Italy, April 4, 2008

    The definition of “ideal body” includes not only the belly shape, size of breasts, waist and hips but buttocks and shanks, too, that are considered to be feminine and attractive.

    The only reliable and verified method for the correction of these regions is the insertion of specific implants designed for the restoration of the volume of calf muscles.


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     Implants of calf muscles can solve at least two problems. The first is the shape of legs as the increase in volume of the internal part of a calf muscle allows the visual correction of shank bending and the second is the volume of shanks that hardly can be corrected by physical exercises and that can create significant aesthetic problems. Prior to the surgery at the consultation we discuss the supposed shape of shanks as depending on the patient’s anatomy using the accurate selection of implants we can get almost any shape required.

     During the shank implantation we make a 3 cm approach under poplietal space. Depending on the patient’s anatomy the implant is inserted either under fascia or under the muscle. Surgery duration 1-1.5 h, recovery period – 1 week.

     The surgery is performed under peridural anesthesia thus minimizing the discomfort in an early after-surgery period. Rehabilitation program of physiotherapeutic procedures will help the patients to return to their usual way of life as soon as possible.

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