Abdominoplasty in Beauty Plaza clinic

     «7 years have come since the moment of my debut as a reporter in “Namedni” TV show on NTV channel where I demonstrated the live report on my endolift and liposuction surgery. Despite the fact that many times passed I’m still in a good shape that I maintain at the same place – at BEAUTY PLAZA. It is very important to make a correct choice!»

  Iolanda Chen   

              three times world champion in track and field athletics, popular reporter and TV presenter.;

    *Details of Iolanda Chen story you can find in «History from the cover»

НDespite the developed schemes of size calculation and marks on the body I think that a person can either be an aesthetic surgeon or not. I wrote a chapter in the general surgery book where I described the properties of an aesthetic surgeon as it is a very specific job. Taste, intuition, luck and living life of their patients is crucial for such specialist…
Aleksandr Tepliashin, MD, Professor
Interview to VOGUE, April 2008

    Сегодня Nowadays fashion is: to be dressed as undressed that’s why flat belly and wasp waist are required.

    ИспользуThe unique technologies used by BEAUTY PLAZA allow the profound changes in the silhouette. This effect is obtained thanks to the combination of several methods selected by us depending on the benchmark data of the patient and aesthetic objectives assigned for us. The most widespread belly surgery type is liposuction. Abdominoplasty or plastic surgery of abdomen is recommended for those owners of excessive fat tissue in the region of belly, back and sides who has suddenly recollected and whose situation is not yet a crisis. When a skin fold appears the only solution is abdominoplasty. If skin excess and wrinkles are present in the omphalus region than they are removed through a small approach in this area. In more severe cases abdominoplasty means resection of a fat fold with a formation of a small suture in bikini region, aesthetic correction of omphalus shape, layer-by-layer suturing of fascia (abdominal wall frame) that makes the waist thinner. The procedure is combined with lipoaspiration of the back and hips. In both cases the fixation of tissues is performed using a unique biomatrix that guarantees a persistent effect not limited by time.

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