Professor Aleksandr Tepliashin
Aleksandr Tepliashin – the president of BEAUTY PLAZA company, plastic surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, Professor. He is one of the world’s top five plastic surgeons. Medical expert of BBC. There are articles dedicated to him in the Great Russian Encyclopedia (volume 50) and American encyclopedia WHO IS WHO.

Awarded with the Arch of Europe in Paris for the quality and innovations in the sphere of plastic surgery. More than nine thousand surgeries.

According to German tabloid WHY NOT he is an outstanding specialist in the sphere of plastic surgery and rejuvenation.

He was the first in Europe who developed and implemented the technologies of the cascade endoscopic lift of the face, neck and breast using biomatrix with lifetime guaranteed effect of the young face oval – performed without incisions; classic neck and cheek lift for woman and men in middle ages with bioresorbable sutures hidden in the region of ear auricles.

His technology of bioimplantation and breast lift is well-known in the whole world. The biological* implants that, in contrast to silicon, provide the absence of fibrosis, naturalness of breasts and unique aesthetic result. For 15 years already biological implants ARION BLUEMARINE in Russia are the absolute privilege of BEAUTY PLAZA and its clients!
* According to the decision of the WHO the bioimplants are only of blue color thus differing it from silicone and its derivatives.

He developed the technology of the complete aesthetic correction after unsuccessful plastic surgeries on the face and neck.

He is an external consultant in the leading European clinics.

The author of the charming silhouettes and body proportions of the stars of projects “Lednikovyi period” (“Ice age”) and “Tantsy so zvezdami” (“Dancing with stars”). Among his patients are such famous person as: designer Alena Akhmadullina, figure skater Tatiana Navka, singer and composer Irina Dubtsova, actress Zhanna Epple, politician Konstantin Borovoi, head of Moscow bureau of France Press Paola Messana, actress Natalia Bochkareva, representative of business elite Vladimir Dovgan, TV presenter Iolanda Chen, artist Nikas Safronov and actress Marina Zudina.

Author of “Plastic Surgery” section in “Surgery Propedeutics” monograph for the students of medical higher educational establishments. He is a visiting editor of German publication Plastic Surgery International.

The founder and permanent president of BEAUTY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL and STEM CELL HIGHER TECHNOLOGIES Inc. New York.

The creator of Youth Technologies Center that is engaged in the development of the unique Anti-Age technologies really decelerating the process of ageing and providing the lifetime effect of aesthetic and biological youth.

He created the National Bank of Stem Cells where more than 4500 customers of BEAUTY PLAZA store their biological resource.

European Patent Office (EPO) issued to the Center for Cell Technologies of BEAUTY PLAZA a patent for the method of isolation of mesenchymal stem cells received from fat tissue. The patent is valid on the whole territory of Europe, Great Britain and Switzerland! The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a patent No. 7,915,039 in the name of Professor Aleksandr Tepliashin for the method of isolation of mesenchymal stem cells received from fat tissue.

Author of more than 70 scientific works and monographs, four Russian and two universal patents.

Developed the technologies for the prolongation of biological youth and reproductive age in men and women.

The attention of the leading TV companies of the world (CNN, BBC, television of Canada, Australia, Finland and Norway, Japan, South Korea and Arab countries) is glued to the achievements of Aleksandr Tepliashin’s BEAUTY PLAZA company.

Chief reporter of CNN, CBS News, Times, medical advisor of Hillary Clinton Sanjay Gupta dedicated a separate chapter of his book CHASING LIFE to Professor Tepliashin.