Patient N., 47 years

     Some three years ago this woman injected fillers in the best clinic of Thailand. To her great regret, instead of the promised effect she received the deformation of the face oval and eyelids region, canvas skin effect, densification and drooping of gel.

     We performed several stages of the patient’s appearance harmonization:

  • special injections removing the consequences of fillers;
  • two procedures of the structural coherent lift® that made the skin ideal, without enlarged pores, capillaries or pigmentation spots;
  • two procedures of internal lift SMAS® that strengthened the face oval and corrected its shape.

     On the “after surgery” photos you can see the new image of the patient, her fresh and young face, “peach” skin color and young shine in the eyes. Nothing makes the woman happier than her perfect appearance! And we are happy with her!

    At last the face oval and structure correspond to her hairstyle! And, I must say, that the patient was referred to us by her daughter who had underwent the procedure of nonsurgical rhinoplasty at our clinic half a year ago!

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