Patient Ya., 47 years

    This patient lives in France (Bordeaux) for more than 10 years. During gel boom many women of the former USSR, being deceived by advertisement, injected various gels and fillers. However, nobody warned them of possible consequences. Such gels can migrate, worsen the situation with face oval deformation or highlight the nasolabial folds. And this was the case was with our patient, as injections had a temporary effect only and the negative consequences remained – one can see the bulges on the photo and doughtiness of the whole face surface.

    As her stay in Moscow was limited by time we performed everything during only two visits: two procedures of internal lift SMAS® that mobilized and lifted the face oval, gill removal and one procedure of modeling injections that dispersed the remnants of gel. During the second visit the patient was subjected to SPRS-therapy.

    Now, living in France, this charismatic woman has an access to all clinics and procedures in the world but she chooses only BEAUTY PLAZA® and its technologies and proves her choice every half a year when she comes to us for the procedures related to silhouette correction.

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