Patient K., 56 years

    The patient has an expressed asymmetry of the face that is even more highlighted by the significant age-related changes. The tissues are very loose and overcharged with previously used fillers that make the face look doughy. We had a great work to do and we managed to do it with great success!

    Performed: removal of the complications of gel injections, two procedures of internal lift SMAS with the application of SmartLift® and SmartVolume® diffusion attachments that shaped the clear oval of the face, one procedure of Photolift® that secured the ideal skin quality. The next stage of our work was the nonsurgical rhinoplasty that significantly reduced the size of the nose and made it look elegant. It ideally fitted the new image of the patient. Moreover, as a result of such transformations her asymmetry became less visible.

    As we noted above the patient had very loose tissues. In order to strengthen them and decelerate the process of ageing as much as possible she underwent PROCOLLAGEN™ program and the Bank of her own fibroblasts was created. After the injection of fibroblasts her tissues started to produce the native collagen that’s characteristic of the youth. So we provided the biological youth of the very tissues for our patient and prolonged the obtained result for many years.

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