Patient B., 50 years

    The patient has typical age-related changes with significant consequences of the injection of contour correction preparations in the region of the nasolabial folds for the correction of this region. The patient tried to remove the developed densifications in many medical institutions but that, to great regret, led to even worse consequences – cicatricial keloids at the site of injections.

    The patient formulated the task for us clearly – she wanted to remove the remnants of gel and keloids and look younger.

    So we solved both the tasks simultaneously. Performed: injection of the preparation that resolved the cicatrical tissue and inhibited gel activity, laser treatment of keloids that smoothed their surface and made them equal to the main color and structure of the skin. Two procedures of internal lift SMAS®  for the creation of the clear face oval, special fitting PeriOrbital used for treatment of the region of the eyes reduced the ptosis of the upper eyelids, the structural coherent lift® helped to achieve the ideal skin quality.

    We are proud of our work!

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